How to say “I can’t” in Korean

Here’s a nice beginner lesson that covers some different languages and specifically then how to say “I can’t” in Korean with various examples like “I can’t speak Chinese” all spoken in Korean and repeated several times. Some other relevant or related vocabulary is covered like ‘stop’ & ‘you’ to say phrases like “I can’t stop you” in Korean. Subscribe to their videos here.

Korean drama with English subtitle – I remember you – Episode 10

If you’re a fan of Korean dramas or interested in finding out why they are so popular then this episode 10 of “I remember you” is an easy for to practice your Korean because it has English subtitles. Watching movies and drams that interest you, subtitled, is a great way for intermediate learners to expand their vocabulary and learn more about how native Koreans actually speak in real life. Subscribe to their videos here.

Houses and home vocabulary in Korean – Let’s speak Korean 5 Episode 13

If you’re searching for a house or apartment in Korea you might find a lot of this vocabulary useful. This is an episode of Let’s Speak Korean 5 – Episode 13. The nice thing about this show is that you get a lot of context in English before they jump into real-life uses of the Korean language for you to learn from. Plus it’s always nice to see other foreigners speaking as well. You can subscribe to their videos here.