Korean Vocabulary Practice Video

How do you build up a good Korean vocabulary? Well practicing like crazy can help. This hour-long video uses pictures, sounds and English subtitles to just roll through almost 2000 new vocabulary words. Granted, it might be better to learn more of these words in context or in dialogues so that you have a better chance of remembering them, but still, it’s not bad for just putting on in the background while you’re working on something else to try and absorb as much Korean vocab as you can. Subscribe to their videos here.

Learn Korean with Kpop – 1to10 by Twice Easy Mirrored

This video starts out mostly in English and shows off some of the dance moves from the popular kpop song 1to10 by Twice Easy Mirrored. You can jump to minute 4:40 and the lesson teaching Korean language from the lyrics in the song actually starts. Using music overall is a great way to learn that is usually more interesting than studying a book. Plus there is almost always additional vocabulary and phrases that you can pick up from song lyrics that aren’t common in textbooks. Another alternative is to learn using Korean dramas. You can subscribe to her videos here.

Korean phone dialogue practice lesson

This is a nice and slow lesson for beginners that uses a phone conversation dialogue to practice speaking in Korean. It covers some basics like what people say when they answer the phone in Korea as well as various forms of politeness that can change based on who is on the other line. If this seems too advanced for you then you can also check out Beginner Korean practice exercise videos. Subscribe to their other lesson videos here.