How to talk about the weather in Korean

One of the essential beginner lessons is learning how to talk about the weather in Korean. This episode covers the basics of talking about how warm or cold it is outside plus other topics related to daily weather conversation such as temperature or seasons. You can subscribe to their other video lessons here. If you are just starting to then you may also want to quickly learn the Hangeul alphabet to read Korean.

Practice intermediate words & phrases in Korean

This is another very useful video from who should follow as they put out a lot of good & useful video lessons. In this episode they focus on some most used or very important Korean phrases that you should learn so that you can learn additional ways to express yourself. Using phrases & sentences is also a great way to both remember vocabulary and just overall increase your ability to communicate. If you like this video style but it’s too difficult you can start with Korean beginner vocabulary here.

Learn K-pop songs – Monster by Exo lyrics

If you’ve been learning Korean for a while then you must have found the time and interest to experiment in K-pop songs. Using music to learn a new language is a good idea because it can fuse your interest in bands like EXO and then use that interest to grow your language abilities. You can subscribe to their video here. If you liked this video then you will definitely also like 1to10 by Twice Easy Mirrored 

Korean sentence examples & vocabulary lesson for beginners

If you’re looking for a ton of new vocabulary and practice sentences to improve your Korean then you’ll find this lesson from from KoreanClass101 to be quite useful. The format of the lesson is pretty simple but effective for adding new words to your memory. The word is introduced first in Korean, then in English, then an example Korean sentence and finally the English translation. Any difficult concepts or unique ways the words are used is explained in English so it’s suitable for both beginners and intermediate learners. You can subscribe to their videos here. You can also visit another page on our site to learn more about sentence structures.