Beginner Korean practice exercise videos

This video is a nice beginner lesson that utilize a quiz & practice exam format to teach you some basic question and answers. This assumes that you have had a few Korean classes and want to practice some multiple choice questions to improve your memory or vocabulary before a test. You can subscribe to their videos here. Having a good set of video lessons can help you get over the initial challenges in learning Korean and stay motivated.

Names for all the holidays in Korean

This video will teach you how to say all of the different holidays in Korean, like Birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving and many more. If you want to be more fluent in your holiday speak, which can be useful for travel or just telling common stories to connect with people, then you might enjoy this video lesson from who you should follow. If you liked this lesson then you might also enjoy learning how to speak about homes & houses in Korea.

Korean phrases for beginners to practice with

This video is a good collection of more than 100 different Korean phrases for beginners to practice with. Using phrases to learn a language helps you to learn how to communicate properly and also to learn words in context. This can both help you to remember them as well as giving you a good set of tools for basic communication that will allow you to speak faster. And it’s actually speaking & creating the target language, Korean, which will help you to remember it and become more fluent. Here’s another beginner lesson for how to say I like in Korean. You can subscribe to their videos here.

How to say “I like” in Korean video lesson

Here’s a nice beginner Korean video that teaches you how to use the essential phrase “I like”. The video uses only Korean audio with English text on the screen that will guide you through how to say it, repeat it and then give a lot of different examples of how the verb “I like” is used in Korean. You’ll learn how to say things like “I like” “I like it” and “I like him (or her)” ( 나는 좋아해요). If you like this video then you might also like how to say I can’t in Korean. You should subscribe to their other videos here.

Total Beginner Korean Video lesson

If you’re a complete beginner then this Korean video lesson is a good way to start. The lesson itself is mostly in English and then slowly introduces all the basics that are essential to starting to learn Korean. You may also want to learn how to read the Korean Hanguel alphabet in 25 minutes. Don’t worry about starting, a language takes a long time to learn usually so you just need to start with simple video lessons like this. You can subscribe to their videos here.

Korean phone dialogue practice lesson

This is a nice and slow lesson for beginners that uses a phone conversation dialogue to practice speaking in Korean. It covers some basics like what people say when they answer the phone in Korea as well as various forms of politeness that can change based on who is on the other line. If this seems too advanced for you then you can also check out Beginner Korean practice exercise videos. Subscribe to their other lesson videos here.

How to say “I can’t” in Korean

Here’s a nice beginner lesson that covers some different languages and specifically then how to say “I can’t” in Korean with various examples like “I can’t speak Chinese” all spoken in Korean and repeated several times. Some other relevant or related vocabulary is covered like ‘stop’ & ‘you’ to say phrases like “I can’t stop you” in Korean. Subscribe to their videos here.