Common slang phrases & popular expressions in Korean that you won’t learn in a classroom

In this video you’ll learn a ton of useful and high-frequency Korean phrases and even some slang that you’ll be able to use in your daily life but might not get in a traditional classroom or textbook. To give you an idea, some of the phrases you’ll learn in Korean are: Are you crazy?, I am down (for that), I got your back, Let’s call it a day, and even You are such a Nerd. You should follow Talk to Me in Korean here. If you liked this video you might also like this video to practice intermediate words & phrases in Korean.

Korean phone dialogue practice lesson

This is a nice and slow lesson for beginners that uses a phone conversation dialogue to practice speaking in Korean. It covers some basics like what people say when they answer the phone in Korea as well as various forms of politeness that can change based on who is on the other line. If this seems too advanced for you then you can also check out Beginner Korean practice exercise videos. Subscribe to their other lesson videos here.