Names for all the holidays in Korean

This video will teach you how to say all of the different holidays in Korean, like Birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving and many more. If you want to be more fluent in your holiday speak, which can be useful for travel or just telling common stories to connect with people, then you might enjoy this video lesson from who you should follow. If you liked this lesson then you might also enjoy learning how to speak about homes & houses in Korea.

How to talk about food and order in restaurants in Korean

This is a great lesson from KoreanClass101 that covers all the essential vocabulary for ordering and enjoying food in a Korean restaurant. You’ll learn how to call the waiter, some basic interactions, a dialogue with the waiter and then all of the vocabulary broken down so that you can reuse it later. Whether you’re traveling to Korea on a vacation or planning to live there for a while you’ll definitely want to know how to order the best tasting food. You might also like learning how to get directions in Korean.