Practice Korean vocabulary words using pictures (2000+)

This video is a simple set of practice exercises for learning Korean that features images along with text & translation to help you learn faster. There is a wide range of vocabulary, almost 2,000 words and phrases, are featured. This is probably okay for a beginner but designed for an intermediate learner to have an easy way to get more language exposure and practice in a single video lesson. You can subscribe to their videos here.

Korean Vocabulary Practice Video

How do you build up a good Korean vocabulary? Well practicing like crazy can help. This hour-long video uses pictures, sounds and English subtitles to just roll through almost 2000 new vocabulary words. Granted, it might be better to learn more of these words in context or in dialogues so that you have a better chance of remembering them, but still, it’s not bad for just putting on in the background while you’re working on something else to try and absorb as much Korean vocab as you can. Subscribe to their videos here.